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Proposed budget plan stirs local controversy


WAUSAU (WAOW) --  Kathryn Cnare is worried about her future. She just got accepted for social security disability. But Cnare's afraid she will lose it all, if Congress passes a new budget plan.

"To me, it's moving our state backwards, not forwards," Cnare says

She and dozens of other people rallied outside Congressman Sean Duffy's Wausau office. Asking him to vote "No" on the proposed budget plan.  It's sponsored by Wisconsin Republican Congressman Paul Ryan.


"Voting no means Ill get my medicare in two years. It means that my children and grandchildren can retire at a sensible age and enjoy life," Cnare said.

Congressman Ryan's proposed plan would cut government spending by 5.3 trillion dollars over ten years, and cut taxes by 2 trillion dollars.

But, the plan would also take money away from many programs, including medicare.

In a statement, Ryan says his proposal will, "...prevent an explosion of debt from crippling our nation and robbing our children of their future."

Sean Duffy supports the plan. In a statement, the republican congressman says, "These reforms ensure the tax code is simple, competitive and fair for 100% of Americans."

But Cnare disagrees.

"Instead of cutting all these programs, start fresh and figure if we take a little bit from this area, then we don't have to take it from this area," Cnare says.

But while protestors want Duffy to vote "No," that's unlikely. He says the plan will get America back on track.

Meantime, the House is expected to review the proposal sometime this week.

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