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Marshfield black bear captured after it wanders streets

MARSHFIELD (WAOW)--An unwelcome neighbor has finally been captured in Marshfield. That neighbor? A black bear.

Reports have been coming in for more than a year of an uninvited visitor in Marshfield. At times, it was even caught on tape. There is home video of a black bear rolling around with a soccer ball last year. Early Wednesday morning, he was spotted again.

"He just turned his head to look and I was out there. He turned that big head to look at me and I looked at him," James Wein, who saw the bear in his backyard, said.

Wein says animals have visited his yard before, but never anything like this.

"That's when I opened the door and kind of growled and that's when I scared him and he climbed up the tree," Wein said.

That's when he called police, and until the DNR made it to Marshfield, they had to find a way to keep the bear up there.

"We all were down here, just everybody was, ‘woof woof.' Just barking and he would go up a little bit," Wein said.

People on the other side of town say they saw a bear too. More home video from Randell Kruger's yard shows a bear coming right up to his house. The Marshfield Police Department, along with the DNR, believe it to be the same bear.

"He would put his nose against the window sometimes to look to see what was going on in the house," Kruger said.

Officials say it took them several hours to tranquilize the bear, so they could transport it. Here are some photos of the black bear after it was captured. DNR officials say the bear is about four years old, and could weigh as much as 300 pounds. They say he is now back in a more natural environment.

"Hopefully far enough away that he will forget where Marshfield is on the map," Kruger said.

Online Reporter: Cassandra Vinch

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