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Mega Millions now $640 million!

(CNN)--The big rush to get lottery tickets has pushed the Mega Million's jackpot even higher. Its' now 640-million dollars! That's the biggest drawing for any lottery. If you choose the cash lump sum, you'll take home about 462-million dollars.

A seven-time lotto winner, who has written a book on lottery strategies, says in order to avoid being a big time loser, be smart.  "People, don't go crazy with this. Don't get what's called lottery fever. Do not spend grocery money. Do not spend rent money, ok? Because you've got to remember something, folks. There's only going to be one winner tonight. Maybe two or three and they'll split the jackpot. That means there are going to be millions of people who are not going to win. So don't be one of those people that wakes up tomorrow morning and not only discovers that you haven't won, but now you're saying, oh, my God, what am I going to do? How am I going to replace all that money I spent?"

 Here's the reality check.You have a better chance at getting struck by lightning than getting the cash.The odds of winning is about one in 176-million.

The drawing is tonight at 10 p-m Eastern.

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