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Newt Gingrich stops in Oshkosh

OSHKOSH (WAOW) --  Wisconsin is the next big stop in the GOP primary race, and all the candidates are here looking to capture more votes in their fight for the nomination.

Polls show Mitt Romney to be the front runner right now, but that doesn't mean the other presidential candidates are giving up.

Newt Gingrich made a stop at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh on Friday. He spoke about a hot topic, gas prices. Gingrich told a room full of supporters, if elected president, he would make the energy crisis his top priority.

"I just wanted to come by today, Callista and I want to ask for you vote because having a debate with Obama, let him be on the side of algae and 10 dollar a gallon gas prices, we like to be on the side of American production and 2.50 gasoline and then lets see what the difference in the two choices are," Gingrich said.

But Gingrich's political journey has been an uphill battle. He's won just two primaries, South Carolina and Georgia. And reports show he recently laid off a third of his staff. But, Gingrich vows to stay in the race until the republican convention in June. And his supporters say they will stick with him until the end.

"That's what you do in a primary, you vote for the person who is closest to your morals, your values and you just don't jump on the winners bandwagon," Gingrich supporter Don Lord said.

Gingrich continued his campaign trail throughout the state of Wisconsin, also stopping in Green Bay. Gingrich, along with the other presidential candidates are doing everything they can to win over the state before the primary on April 3rd.

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