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Romney makes campaign stop in WI

(WAOW) -- Republican front-runner Mitt Romney made a campaign stop in Appleton on Friday. He didn't bother to mention the other republicans vying for the nomination - but did talk about a city in our area.

Republican Gov. Mitt Romney has his eyes on the prize -- 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.

"Many Americans have given up on this president but they haven't ever thought about giving up," said Romney.

But first, he needs to secure the republican nomination. On Friday, he earned the ringing endorsement of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

"What we need is a leader who has the courage and conservative principles and conviction," said Ryan. "And in my humble, personal opinion as a guy from Janesville, what we need is Mitt Romney to be the next president of the United States of America."

Romney took aim at President Barack Obama's record in office, saying he is out of touch with the American people.

"President Obama thinks he's doing a good job," said Romney. "I'm not kidding. He actually thinks he's doing a great job -- a historically great job. According to the president, only Lincoln and FDR and Lyndon Johnson have accomplished more. And no, he didn't say that on Saturday Night Live. How can this be? Is it that the president is so disconnected from what's happening across America that he doesn't grasp the real consequences of his failures?"

The governor said Wisconsin voters have the opportunity to help put America back on the map.

"In a world in which the economies of Athens, Wisconsin and Athens, Greece are connected, every decision becomes infinitely more complex," said Romney.

Romney made a final push to voters, urging them to pick him in Tuesday's presidential primary.

"Join me in the next step toward that destination on November 6th, where across America we give a sigh of relief and know that the promise of America has been kept," said Romney. "The dreamers can dream a little bigger. The help wanted signs can be dusted off and we can start again. And this time, we'll get it right."

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