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Clintonville booms finally recorded

CLINTONVILLE (WAOW) --  After two weeks of reported earth rattling booms, the city of Clintonville finally has a recording.

Brian Sullivan, a student at the Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin has been assisting the city on and off throughout the two week period. Using his own equipment on March 24, 2012, Sullivan was finally able to record a boom. City officials say it has been a challenge to capture one of the booms on an audio tape and are excited they can finally be able to share the experience.

This is exactly what people are hearing when they discuss hearing a booming sound," Clintonville City Administrator Lisa Kuss said in a press release. "The City appreciates Brian Sullivan's effort to capture this event and to get it into a format that can be sent out."

The city now has four seismometers in and around the surrounding areas which will give the USGS a better chance to pick up small events. 

On Thursday, March 30th around 8:10 p.m., the Clintonville Police received five calls that loud booms were felt and heard.  Data from the seismometers was being collected at that time and was recorded on all four meters. 

Greg Waite, Assistant Professor at Michigan Technological University reviewed the data and was able to confirm that a very small earthquake did occur at that time. In a press released Waite told city officials, "I would estimate the magnitude at 0.1, based on the duration of the signal. The depth was around 1 km (about 0.5 miles), although there is some uncertainty in the depth estimate," Waite explains. "There is a big difference between a M1.5 (from March 20) and M0.1."

Waite says a magnitude 1.5 releases about 125 times more energy than a  magnitude 0.1. He says that explains why Clintonville's very small events are not detected on the stations 20 km (12 miles) or more away. He says these types of events can only be seen with the newly installed network in Clintonville.

City officials say they will continue to monitor the situation and in order to accurately pinpoint the times of events, the city asks citizens hearing or feeling anything to call the Clintonville Police Department at (715) 823-3117.

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