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Gov. Walker signs Read to Lead bill in Wausau

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law in front of the very people it's designed to evaluate: elementary school students.

Walker and State Rep. Donna Seidel said read to lead will help improve their reading, and get a head start on learning.

"It gives us a chance to really put in place Wisconsin's standards that measure a variety of things and not just one high stakes test," said Walker.

"What we do so well here can be an example for other schools across the rest of the state," said Seidel.

The district gave feedback on how students and teachers should be evaluated.

"I feel very good with the fact that the task force and the governor listened to our input," said Nell Anderson, Wausau School District Director of Elementary Education.

State Superintendent Tony Evers said there are two parts to the new law. The first part is testing kindergartners on their reading, and the second part is evaluating teachers.

"So we know what kind of literacy skills they have moving forward, and that will help our teachers have the information they need," said Evers.

It's a bill most Republicans and Democrats actually agree on at a time when bipartisanship is scarce. 

"I think it's also a really important story that things can get done this way when they are put together in the right way," said Seidel.

Governor Walker says the bill passed thanks to widespread support.

"Our folks from Wausau were central to creating this bill, this package," said Seidel.

"Really Franklin Elementary is one of the key schools and staffs that gave us some great insight early on," said Walker.

Anderson said she believes the bipartisanship efforts will go a long way for students in Wisconsin.

"Again you have to put confidence in people working together," said Anderson.

Anderson said research on the educator evaluation component of the read to lead bill is still being reviewed. She said educators from the Wausau School District will also have a hand in shaping the evaluations as well.

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