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Touch of Class- Stratford Elementary "Share Our Sunshine" Group


A group of students at Stratford Elementary School are looking to spread some goodwill throughout the community.

They call themselves "Share Our Sunshine" and each month, they make bags of popcorn, deliver them to classmates, and donate the proceeds to a worthy organization.

5th grade student Chris Aguirre shares their marketing strategy.

"We send out flyers, and they pay 50 cents to have a bag of popcorn," Aguirre says.

Seems simple enough... and it certainly is effective. This month, they sold 400 bags of popcorn, allowing them to donate $200.

But where will it go?

After looking over a list of non-profit organizations, 4th grade student Nicole Infelise reveals their choice for this month.

"We collect some money to deliver to the Bunny Hop," says Infelise.

An appropriate choice for the upcoming holiday, the Bunny Hop makes baskets for children who are not fortunate enough to spend Easter Sunday at home.

Next month, these students will start the popcorn process again, but they've also been busy with other endeavors this year.

"We shovel the neighbors' sidewalks, for elderly people who aren't able to shovel, and then we visit the nursing home once a month to sing songs and do an activity with them," says Stratford teacher Claire Gilbertson.

For sharing their sunshine in Stratford, the aptly named group has a Touch of Class.

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