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Police capture injured bald eagle in Wausau


WAUSAU (WAOW)--We have some amazing video  of a bald eagle rescue in Wausau.
Our cameras were rolling early Friday evening as police worked to capture the injured bird.

When police noticed a crowd gathering near downtown Wausau, they stopped to check it out. When they arrived, they saw why the crowd was gathering.
A bald eagle was stuck, injured, on a sidewalk.
Witnesses told police  the bird fell from the sky. Police say it was likely injured in a fight.

"Two bald eagles were fighting up in the air and in the middle of that fight they both came crashing down to the ground," said Lt. Matt Barnes, Wausau Police Department.

While police worked to get things under control,someone came up and told them what to do.

"One of the directions was that you cover it with a blanket and that would calm the bird and lo and behold we covered up the eagle and it calmed right down," said Barnes.

Shortly after that, Steve Fisher arrived.
He's a volunteer with the Raptor Education Group, an organization that takes care of injured birds.

"The sooner they are caught up and transported," said Fisher "The greater the chance for rehabilitation."

Fisher took the eagle away to a safe place outside Antigo.

Fisher says our feathery friend is headed to rehab.
The recovery process could take months.
But if all goes well, the eagle could be able to fly again

The group's director Marge Gibson tells Newsline 9 the injured eagle suffered a spinal injury during a territorial dispute. At this time it is unknown if the injury will be permanent.

Online reporter: Nate Barrett

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