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A Wausau restaurant sponsors free Easter dinner

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- To show it's appreciation for Easter, the Wausau Mine Company restaurant did something special for the community.

"I am very proud of what the Mine Company does to help the community on a day like today, and to be part of it is very rewarding," said Kevin Hicks.

Kevin Hicks of the Wausau Fire Department is one of 50 volunteers helping out for the Wausau Mine Company's Annual Free Easter Dinner.

"We deliver roughly 420 meals, we've had people come in for carry outs, and we also have people dine in after we're done with that," said Dan Wage, co-owner of Wausau Mine Company.

Wage said on Easter everyone is welcome to some free food, all thanks to the volunteers.

"It wouldn't be possible without the wonderful volunteers. This year again we had lots of volunteers, maybe more than we needed, but we never turn them away, and its a feel-good thing for them as well," said Wage. 

"I come out and volunteer my time, and I enjoy it," said Hicks.

But, volunteers said it's the people who can't make it to dinner that benefit the most.

"The people we go see, the majority of them are very happy to get a meal, and have somebody to talk to for a couple minutes," said Hicks.

"I appreciate it," said Arna Heldt, a 92-year-old resident of Wausau. She is one of many people to have food delivered to her door by volunteers of the Easter dinner.

The Wausau Mine Company hopes to continue the spirit of giving for a long time.

"We're not doing it for the notoriety, the publicity, it's more so our way to give something back to the community of Wausau that's been really fantastic to us," said Wage.

The Wausau Mine company has sponsored the free Easter dinner for more than 23 years now.

This year, the restaurant fed nearly 700 people.

Online Reporter: Julienne Ryan

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