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Another black bear roams Marshfield, neighbors worried

MARSHFIELD (WAOW)--After catching a black bear in Marshfield last month, police say another is roaming the streets.

Some Marshfield residents say they are worried about a black bear that is wandering around their neighborhood. The unwelcome visitor has been friendly so far, but neighbors worry that could change.

Police are working with the DNR and say they want the bear out of the city.

There have been several black bear sightings in Marshfield this year, including four over the weekend. It's a problem that's causing friction between neighbors and police.

"He is a wild animal and there are children around here," Patricia Pflugrandt said.

Patricia and her husband Donald Pflugrandt have seen a black bear up close and personal. They live right across the street from one of its known homes.

"It looks friendly, but it's a wild animal. He could attack at anytime," Pflugrandt said.

The Pflugrandts captured the bear on home video last year, and they say it's the same one that was captured last month. But Marshfield Police say that's not the case.

"At this point, we're convinced that it was a different bear, so we continue to have the same problem we had before," Marshfield Police Chief Gary Jepsen said.

Police say the bear captured last month on the other side of town is not the same bear that's roaming Marshfield now.

But it may be the same one captured in home video Newsline 9 brought you a few weeks ago. Officials say the bear could be sticking around because of easy access to one of its favorite things.

"The problem with this bear is it's finding a lot of food," Jepsen said. "So the suggestion is that you remove that food source and perhaps the bear will leave."

"No one wants to see the bear put down but something has to be done," Pflugrandt said.

The Marshfield Police Department says if you spot the black bear, immediately call the Wood County Dispatch Center (715) 387-4394. Note where you saw it, how long ago, and in what direction it was heading.

Online Reporter: Cassandra Vinch

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