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Police kill bear that was wandering through Marshfield


Marshfield police killed the black bear that was roaming through the city over the weekend. 

According to a press release from Police Chief Gary Jepsen, officers shot and killed the bear in the 1400 block of Arlington St on April 9th at 9:54 p.m.

Authorities say they were not able to trap the bear and they were concerned because it was starting to get aggressive towards pets. 

Read the detailed press release below.

Bear Killed after Aggressive Behavior 


(Marshfield, WI) Members of the Marshfield Police Department shot and killed a bear in the 1400 block of Arlington St on April 9th, at 9:54 pm. 

The bear's feeding pattern on April 9th was consistent with those reported to police on April 7th. A resident reported at that time a bear stood on its rear legs in an attack or defensive posture while close to her and her dog; causing her to be fearful of harm. This change in the bear's aggressive behavior was the subject of much discussion and concern for the welfare of the citizens of Marshfield. 

The attempts to live trap this animal with a culvert trap and snares had been unsuccessful. A decision was made by the Marshfield Police Department and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to immediately remove any further possibility of danger from this bear by having it destroyed. 

At 9:16 PM, the Marshfield Police Department received a call from a citizen who resides in the 1400 block of Arlington Street that the bear was in his yard. The bear once again stood on his hind quarters in a threatening posture. Police were notified and arrived shortly thereafter. The DNR was notified immediately. Officers of the Police Department were instructed not to allow the bear to escape if it appeared that it may attempt to do so. The bear was destroyed prior to DNR arrival. 

It is never preferable to take an animal's life in this situation if avoidable. With regard to this bear, every effort had been made to take it humanely. Further complications of its recent aggressive behavior dictated a necessary and immediate action. 

Comparisons of pictures taken of the bear removed from Marshfield in late March with this bear would indicate they are not the same bear. 

The Marshfield Police Department continues to encourage residents to remove food sources to discourage the presence of bears. Bird feeders should be at least 10 feet off of the ground and 5 feet away from tree trunks or a limb that would support a bear. Do not compost meat scraps and keep garbage cans in an enclosed building until pick-up day. If you encounter a bear within the community, calmly move away from the animal and notify the police immediately. 


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