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Cottonville still rebuilding one year after tornado

COTTONVILLE (WAOW)--Another local area heavily hit, Cottonville in Adams County. Officials say the community there had more than $3 million in damages from the powerful tornado. More than 85 homes were damaged.

In April 2011, a tornado completely destroyed a Cottonville man's business. Now, a year later, he has since rebuilt and is learning to move on.

Scott Zindars owns State Central Boat Yard in Cottonville. After a tornado ripped through this community, there was nothing left of his business but a concrete slab.

"I looked out the garage and I noticed my garage was gone," Zindars said. "I went out back and looked at the shop and it was totaled out," he said.

That day, that was horrible for so many, was a Sunday. Zindars says if it was a work day, things may have been a lot different.

"If we were in the shop at that point, we wouldn't be sitting here talking," Zindars said.

Now, one year later, Zindars' business has been completely rebuilt. He was able to open again back in October.

"Little bit more work to do on the house yet. Other than that, we're back in business. We're doing well," Zindars said.

No one was injured by the Adams County tornado. Some say that's the most important part.

"Our vehicles were wrecked. All our buildings were wrecked. You can replace all that, but lives are impossible to replace," former Cottonville resident John Pavelec said.

Officials say several Adams County communities just received more funding from the state for recovery efforts--another step in the right direction.

"It could take years to recover," Adams County Emergency Management leader Jane Gervais said.

As this Adams County community remembers that day one year ago, they are still rebuilding.

Online Reporter: Cassandra Vinch

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