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Injured bald eagle recovers at center outside Antigo

ANTIGO (WAOW)--An injured bald eagle is on a long road to recovery
The bald eagle was injured last week in Wausau -- after a fight with another eagle.

"A lot of the prime territories are taken so they argue about territory," said Marge Gibson, executive director for the Raptor Education Group, an organization that takes care of injured birds. "Who is going to get this fine piece of real-estate where there is going to be a lot of fishing."

Gibson says the eagle suffered a spinal injury.

"For a full recovery it's going to be a while," said Gibson. "It's going to be at least six months, maybe up to a year."

Gibson says this eagle was likely hurt defending his family.
The injury means his mate will have to raise their babies on her own.
That's tough -- since eagles usually mate for life.
But Gibson says in some cases, eagles find another partner.

 "I hope she attracts a floater, or their youngsters from last year pitch in and help," said Gibson. "It would be quite a job raising little ones."

Gibson says if the bird doesn't fully recover, he'll get a new home, like a zoo.
"We're not going to count him out yet," said Gibson. "we're hoping that it's good news. It wont be for a while, and his mate is probably going to wonder where the heck he is."

Gibson tells Newsline 9, territorial fights, like the one that injured this eagle, are common at this time of year. But usually, the injuries are not as serious. Gibson says REGI is looking for more volunteers to help rescue birds.

Online Reporter: Nate Barrett

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