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2012 Snow Melt Contest is Here!

It is that time of year again to put your forecasting skills to the test.

Do you know Wisconsin weather? Do you have an inkling of how fast snow melts on a sunny or cloudy day? When the high temperature is in the 50s vs. the 70s? Maybe you are just feeling lucky! In any case, try your hand at the 2012 snow melt contest.

It is simple to enter and you could win a $250 gift card from the R-Stores of Northcentral Wisconsin.

Will the snow finally melt in June, like most years? Or, because of the mild winter and lack of snow will it melt earlier than ever? Just pick a date and you could win. To help out, here are past winning dates for the snow melt contest:

  • 2005 June 7th
  • 2006: June 6th
  • 2007: May 25th
  • 2008: June 8th
  • 2009: June 24th
  • 2010: May 29th
  • 2011: June 17th

Good Luck!

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