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Authorities call off search for missing Sayner woman

SAYNER (WAOW) -- A week has passed and still no sign of the missing woman from Sayner. Authorities said the lack of evidence has investigators calling off the ground search for Sandra Schinke.

Investigators have combed the area, looking for clues, and have come up with nothing leading them in the direction of Sandra Schinke.

The sheriff said he decided to call off the ground search, because he said at this point it would be unproductive.

But, that does not mean investigators will stop looking.

Instead the sheriff said investigators turned their attention to Plum Lake, using sonar to check for any signs of Schinke. They came up with nothing.

But, the sheriff said investigators are still looking for leads. They now turn their attention to Schinke's personal belongings, hoping to find any clues that might take them in the right direction.

"It's pointed us in a couple directions, and we're waiting for additional analysis of those records, so that is something we will be working jointly with the Department of Justice, and other agencies depending on where the leads may take us," said Joe Fath, Vilas Co. Sheriff's Chief Deputy.

Members of Schinke's family support the sheriff's choice to call off the search.

And to keep hope alive, Schinke's husband and her brother have planned a vigil on Saturday at 1 p.m. at the St. Germain Community Center.

"To try to search the rest of the Northwoods, I guess is kind of highly unlikely to find anything. There are hundreds of square miles up here. I'm just so grateful that they did what they did. They did an awesome job," said Jim Schinke, husband of the missing Sayner woman.

Her family said they want the vigil to triple the size of the town for just a day in hopes they can draw more attention to Schinke's case.

For now all anyone involved in the case can do is wait for any evidence of Sandra Schinke to surface.

Online Reporter: Julienne Ryan

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