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More freezing nights could mean no apples for local orchards


With temperatures see-sawing back and forth, some local crops may be in danger. Last month, Newsline 9 brought you the story of an orchard owner that was worried he may not have any apples at all. Now, we check back in to see how the cold nights are affecting his crops.

Casey Janowski says it all comes down to the next few days.

"It's kind of a crucial time now with the frosty night," Janowski said.

Casey's Orchards has been in business in Stevens Point for 44 years. Janowski says he's never seen a season quite like this.

"At this point, the tree would be starting to bud out. They would probably come into bloom about mid-May," Janowski said.

But they are already there, a month ahead of schedule. But what happens if the crops see more freezing nights?

"The fruit wouldn't set. There'd be no apples," Janowski said.

Janowski says this week is critical, and he just hopes for one thing.

"That we don't get the frost. We'll see how this thing turns out," he said.

The fate of the apples at Casey's Orchards lie in the hands of Mother Nature. But landscapers at Schalow's Nursery in Marshfield say their plants will be just fine because of their greenhouses.

"We try and take care of a lot of our plants. Our perennials, we keep them in our greenhouses so they don't get affected by frost and conditions like this," Schalow's Nursery Landscape Designer Ryan Virden said.

Employees at Schalow's say with warmer temperatures last month, business was booming. But now, as colder temperatures return, that's died down.

"I think the reason why we're not getting as many calls right now is because I think people are waiting for that last frost to come through. I'm hoping this is the last cold spell," Virden said.

But only time will tell.

Owners at Casey's Orchards say their biggest worry is for multiple freezing nights this week. They say that could ruin several varieties of apples for the entire season.

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