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Several grocery stores pull bags of Dole salad contaminated with salmonella


Grocery stores in several states, including Wisconsin, are taking Dole salad bags off the shelf, because of the threat of salmonella.

The manager of the IGA grocery store in Rib Mountain said as soon as they heard of the recall, IGA responded immediately.

"What we initially did was pull that particular brand off of our shelves, so that we weren't carrying it anymore," said Jason Fritsche, IGA grocery store manager.

Jason Fritsche said this IGA Store still carries Dole salads, which Fritsche said is nothing customers should worry about.

"What we want to do is not create a fear of it. The bags themselves were all fine," said Fritsche.

While many grocery stores are pulling these salads off the shelves, health officials said it is important to check the expiration date.

"This type of salad that tested positive for salmonella," said Dale Grosskurth, Marathon Co. Environmental Health and Safety Director.

"There was one particular date, one particular variety of Dole salads that were recalled, which happened to be the April 11th date," said Fritsche.

If you have eaten a Dole salad marked with the April 11th expiration date, health experts said you can get really sick. 

"Symptoms that are associated with salmonella are nausea, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach aches, stomach cramps. Those things can last for a couple of days," said Grosskurth.

And if you do get sick, health officials recommend staying home and keeping hydrated.

"Telling people to get plenty of liquids, because you are dealing with vomiting and diarrhea, and when you deal with that you need to get plenty of liquids," said Grosskurth.

But, if you are not sick, and you just have some concerns about eating Dole salads, Fritsche said those with a different expiration date are ok to eat.

"They are perfectly fine, and able to be purchased by customers," said Fritsche.

Newsline 9 checked other area stores to see what they were doing in response to the recall. 

Wal-mart officials said they carry Dole salad bags, including those with the recalled expiration date. But, they were told by Dole officials those bags were not contaminated. 

Trigs, Pick N' Save, the Crossroads County Market officials said they do not carry Dole salad bags at all.

Online Reporter: Julienne Ryan

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