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Tax information and tips before the midnight deadline


There are only a few hours left to file your taxes.

Whether you meant to wait until the last minute or not, the final day to file your taxes is here, and you're not alone.

"I just kept putting it off," Alexandra Fagbemi said.

The IRS estimates 25 percent of tax payers wait until the last week. Fagbemi is one of them.

"This is the first time I've gone this late," she said.

Fagbemi is one of millions of people who e-filed this year. IRS officials estimate 8 out of 10 tax payers file online.

"I think everybody is moving away from paper. It's easier, it's faster," Fagbemi said.

"Nationally, we've seen e-filing continue to grow year after year, pretty much without exception," Wisconsin IRS spokesman Christopher Miller said.

Today is also the last day to file an extension. That can be submitted online, or through the mail.

"An extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay," Miller said.

That extension gives tax payers six additional months. If you suspect you own, you need to send that amount in with your extension to avoid any interest, late fees or penalties. Tax officials say filing online gets you your tax refund more quickly.

"My taxes are submitted and I should get my refund in a couple days," Fagbemi said.

The IRS says the average tax refund is about $3,000. But that only comes once you file.

Links for filing online:

Get an extension form:

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