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Students pledge to stop dirty dancing


Before students at Wausau East High School can buy a prom ticket, they must first sign on the dotted line.

"This is a safety measure for students who feel that they can't stand up and say I don't like this," Lori Williams, prom co-advisor for Wausau East said.

After a series of incidences caused school officials to cancel past dances, Williams knew something had to be done.

"We've had a lot of girls complain, a lot of parents complain that it (dirty dancing) makes them uncomfortable," Williams explained.

So she came up with the idea for students to sign a dance code of conduct before any school function.

"At first they were resistant," Williams said as she spoke of her students first reaction to the code.

The code states that each student can not have any body against body dancing, no groping and no provocative dancing, including grinding.

"If it just makes one person uncomfortable then we needed to make a change," Williams said.

And students agree.

"Students can now find other ways of dancing that aren't inappropriate," Wausau East senior Jacque Moss said.

But, just down the road at Wausau West High School, there is no dance code.

"In each school there is different cultures that are created and at this point, fortunately, we haven't seen the need to have this," Principal Jeb Steckbauer said.

And students don't feel additions regulations are necessary.

"It doesn't need to be enforced, some people enjoy dancing that way and it's a choice they have," Senior Allison Scandin said.

But whether you're dancing on the west side of town, or the east, school officials just want one thing, for everyone to be safe.

Now, the penalty for breaking the dance code of conduct is getting kicked out of the dance. School officials say more severe consequences could be served depending on the act. But, they hope they do not have to intervene and everyone can have a fun and enjoyable prom.

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