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Marshfield Middle School decision could come as early as tonight


The public was able to weigh in on the options for Marshfield Middle School—a project 10-years in the making.

After parents and citizens were able to express their opinions, a decision could come as early as Wednesday night during a school board meeting.

"The comments and questions are certainly documented and they will be part of the discussion that the board has," Timothy Deets, Marshfield School Board President said.

Three options are still on the table. One involves a five million dollar renovation. The others would mean students would go to class somewhere else.

"It's a question of whether it's in the best interest of the school district to maintain it as a middle school. And that's a decision the board will make with the input of the public," Deets said.

Board members say closing the middle school would save more than a million dollars each year. But some parents say that's still not worth it.

"Yes, it's saving some money, but you still have to pay all these teachers. And you don't want to end up losing jobs for teachers either," said parent Jennifer Landwehr.

One of the options they're considering would move 8th graders to the high school.

"They are too young. They still need a middle school. It's their transition period from grade school to being high school students, and being responsible for their grades, for their future," Landwehr said.

But some parents say pumping money into the current building may be a waste.

"It's too old, the infrastructure is ancient and it's not the right way to go," Mark Needham said.

Either way, some parents say they hope a decision is made soon.


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