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WI voters speak out about Gov. Walker's trips around country


Many people are upset about Governor Scott Walker's trips including some from our area. But at some events, Governor Walker is being greeted like a rock star.

Around this time last year, protesters were a common sight at the capitol in Madison. Now, they're all around the country, as Governor Walker takes his message to other states.

"If voters in our state want to know the difference between going forward or going backward, they need only to look at the mess you have in state government here in Springfield to know what it would be like if the recall ultimately prevailed," said Walker.

Thousands of people chanted and waved signs as the governor stopped in Michigan and then Illinois on Tuesday.

"It's stupid," said Deb Russell, who works for the Illinois Federation of Public Workers. "We don't know why the Illinois Chamber of Commerce would invite the man who wants to take Illinois jobs back to Wisconsin."

The governor was back in Wisconsin on Wednesday -- a state divided on walker's record.

"We have evidence that what he did in office, what he has done so far, is working," said Marathon County Republican Party chair Bruce Trueblood.

"If we're so open for business, why did we lose more jobs than any other state in the nation? It's clear it's not working," said Marathon County Democratic Party chair Jeff Johnson.

Johnson said Walker should spend more time with people who will see his name on the spring ballot.

"If he was truly working on behalf of the citizens of Wisconsin, I think he'd spend a lot more time here," said Johnson.

A republican candidate for U.S. Senate said he supports Walker's plans in Madison. Mark Neumann spoke with supporters at the Wausau Republican Party Victory Center. He ran against Walker for the republican nomination for governor in 2010 -- but now said they're on the same side.

"Scott had a big job to do," said Neumann. "He had to get to a balanced budget without raising taxes and I think he's done a phenomenal job doing just that."

A representative from Friends of Scott Walker said the governor is always willing to talk to voters about how he's moving Wisconsin forward.

In a statement, communications director Ciara Matthews said, "Governor Walker's reforms are resonating with voters not just in Wisconsin, but all over the country."

That idea may be paying off. According to a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis, 14 of Walker's top 20 donors are from outside the state.

The last time his campaign reported to the Government Accountability Board was January -- with more than $2 million in the governor's account. With less than two months until a recall election, only time will tell if his efforts will help keep him in office.

Candidates have until the end of the month to report how much money they've raised so far this year. A GAB representative said it will be easier then to get an idea of how much money the governor has collected.

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