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Farmers hope to winter weather is over, corn can be planted soon


Tomorrow, many farmers across Wisconsin can start planting their corn. They have to wait until then because of insurance regulations. But not all farmers plan to get going right away.

Gary Bymers says he's never seen a winter quite like this. He says Mother Nature can be unpredictable. But he sleeps better at night know he's covered.

"If you have a year where you don't get the yields—it's too dry, you don't get enough hot weather, it doesn't mature the way it should in the fall—then I've had real good luck with crop insurance," Bymers said.

Crop insurance is like any other insurance—protecting farmers from bad years.

"That's what I make my livelihood on—is raising crops and selling them at the end—and this does give you protection for that," Bymers said.

Seventy percent of Bymers crops are under his policy. That means if he harvests any less than that, the insurance company will cover the difference.

"With crop insurance, it's pretty much protecting any act of Mother Nature. I would say whatever Mother Nature can throw at you," Bymers insurance agent Jenny Kilpatrick said.

But crop insurance does have several rules. Farmers must wait until a certain date to start planting. If they plant before that and need to re-seed, they won't be covered. In Wood County, that date was last week.

For farmers in northern counties, it's tomorrow. But Bymers hasn't planted yet, because the ground is still too wet. He hopes he'll be able to do that by May 1st.

"I know a few people that have gone out and planted a few acres, but it really needs that warm ground to get the corn grown good," Bymers said.

Bymers says he hopes the winter weather is done for good. But no matter when he plants, he just hopes for a bountiful harvest.

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