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"Festivus for the Rest of Us" wins WWSP Trivia 43

WWSP Trivia 43 wrapped up early Monday morning.

In its 43rd year, more than 380 teams competed in the weekend-long, grueling trivia marathon in Stevens Point.

With just hours left on the clock, running on little sleep, teams had to come up with unique ways to keep energy levels up.

"We just kind of keep ourselves going," said Scott Clark of Team 90 FM Staff Infection. "We like to dance a lot. The songs are a lot of fun. The music is great for the contest. it just kind of keeps us going."

Team "Festivus for the Rest of Us" set up an early lead... and kept it through the hours of trivia.

"Festivus" finished in 1st place, more than 1,000 points ahead of their nearest competition, "Dad's computers."

Trivia master Jim Oliva says he was impressed with all of the teams.

"A lot of them are playing hard, a lot of answers are coming in, a lot of answers to a lot of questions," Oliva said. "Teams are getting between 2, 6, and 7 questions an hour right."

At the bottom of the board, 5 teams tied for 385th place with 5 points each.

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