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Cost of gas has some people adjusting summer plans

With the high cost of gas and airfare people are adjusting their plans for summer vacation.
Ruth peterson of Dorchester said she wanted to visit family in Washington state, but its too expensive for her to drive or fly. Instead she'll spend a few days at a local camp ground.

"Up north they have some campgrounds that are reasonable, reasonably priced," said Peterson.

Peterson is not alone, AAA officials said the cost of gas is making half of people they surveyed modify their summer plans, while the other half plans to travel as they did before.

"Summer travel and summer vacation is really a tradition for many many families, and despite the fact that gas prices are higher than perhaps they were a few years ago, people are still telling us they are going to travel," said Pam Moen, AAA spokesperson.

A travel agent said the same goes for frequent flyers.

Ann hunger<"People need to get away, people need to see people, people need to travel," said Ann Hunger, travel agent and co-co-owner of Travel Leaders in Schofield.

Central Wisconsin Airport leaders said airline fuel prices are up 18 to 20 percent, and that cost is being passed on to the traveler.

"From a consumer stand point, obviously it's going to make people think twice about is this the way to go," said Tony Yaron, CWA airport administrator.

Maybe you bypass that trip this summer, but if you're planning a vacation for next year, travel experts suggest you start looking early.

"What I have seen is people are planning, people are planning well ahead of time, six months, maybe even a year," said Hunger.

"The earlier you book the more favorable seat you're going to get, the lower the fare is going to be, its a supply demand situation," said Yaron.

Or you can be like Peterson, she's planning to spend a few relaxing days close to home.


AAA officials also noted that today the average cost of gas in Wisconsin is $3.82. They say that's 15 cents less than it was this time last year.

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