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Hooked on heroin

Heroin abuse is on the rise in Wisconsin. The Department of Justice reports counties across the state have seen increases in arrests that crime lab workers have assisted in.

The Wausau Police Department says it too has seen more reports of heroin use. DeputY Chief Bryan Hilts says, "We have seen has more reports of overdoses and there have been deaths." Hilts says the increase in heroin appears to have coincided with the crackdown on prescription pain medications. As those became more scarce, heroin grew in popularity.

Newsline 9 talked with a recovering heroin addict. She told us she started using heroin and was hooked 6 months later. Later, she says she started dealing dope and was arrested and sentenced to jail and probation. Now, she is trying to rebuild her life.

Addiction specialists say the battle to overcome the powerful drug is often challenging. Those who enter recovery often face withdrawal. It may include stomach ache, vomiting, aches and other pains. The experts say those symptoms can last for months.

Heroin is an opiate which is processed from morphine. Users inject, smoke and snort it. Short term the user may feel euphoria.  The drug depresses breathing and overdoses can lead to death.

For more information on drug addiction, go to www.drugabuse.gov.


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