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A new frozen yogurt shop comes to Wausau


Looking a summer snack that's new and refreshing? Orval Quamme plans to bring just that to Wausau.

He is coming out of retirement.

After serving six terms as Jefferson County Sheriff, he'll now serve frozen yogurt. An endeavor he decided to pursue after falling in love with the treat on a trip to Mexico.

"After I got back to the U.S., I started thinking about what I had seen in Mazatlan, the yogurt store there, and I said 'you know people in Wausau I think would like this because of the healthy thing, and the probiotics and all,'" said Quamme.

Quamme said the passion bloomed into a business endeavor. He said he's been looking into business models for yogurt shops around Wisconsin and Illinois for more than a year. 

"This looked like a nice thing to keep me busy, and still wouldn't take up all my time, and I could run a business that is kind of a happy business, you know. Its exciting, its fun, its healthy," said Quamme.

And some Wausau residents, like Quamme's landlord, Mark Craig, are excited to have a frozen yogurt shop downtown. Craig said if given the choice he would have Quamme pay his rent in yogurt.

"In yogurt, yes, I'm pretty sure. In yogurt and toppings for years to come," said Craig.

Quamme's store called, Spoon-N-Yogurt, opens May 25th.

He said there won't be any grand party to celebrate. There's just going to be nine different flavors of yogurt, one flavor of sorbet, and more than 40 different toppings for customers to choose from. All for 48 cents an ounce.

"Everybody can come in and make what they want, and its like I say, I want it to be a very lively and enjoyable experience," said Quamme.

 It sounds like an experience no one should miss.

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