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NTC goes green


Northcentral Technical College is going green. Or, at least its farm is.

"Sometimes we want to be free of WPS power," Director of Facilities Rob Elliot said.

That's why NTC partnered with Warner Electric to install three wind turbines at their agricultural center. Combined with the already placed solar panels, during a sunny, windy day they are expected to carry the farm's full electrical load.

"At peak demand we use about 38 kilowatts here at the farm, the wind turbines will produce about 27 kilowatts," Elliot said.

The energy produced from the turbines will power lights, classrooms, and technology.

"There will be times we are pulling off the grid from WPS, buying power. But, there will be times we will be selling power back," Elliot said.

But, it's not just about saving energy. It is also a teaching tool.

"It gives students practical equipment to work with so they can tip them down, see the motor, the brakes and can learn the technology," Elliot said.

Scott Story is a first year student. Even before the turbines were up and running, story and his class were on site, learning.

"Now-a-days were learning how to find ways to create energy with using gasses and stuff like that," Story said.

But, not everyone is as excited. NTC officials say they did have one complaint. A nearby residence worried about how much noise the energy savers would make.

"These generate less noise than the ones you see on a farm on the highway. Actually, traffic going by will be louder than these turbines," Elliot explained.

School officials say all three turbines will be producing energy by next week, making this farm a little greener.

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