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Easy Espionage

In the world we live, people want to stay in touch.  We're connected through laptops, phones, ipads. Sending and receiving information through the internet.  

But how much risk is there when we're in public?  The wi-fi you connect to may be a wi-fi that puts your money, and perhaps your identity, at risk.

The experts say be on the lookout for "evil twin hotspots".  They advise vigilance in making strong passwords and changing them on a regular basis.  But open networks, for instance at a library or hotel, are not 100% secure either.  So they say to stay away from doing financial transactions or using websites that require passwords. Save those for secure home computers or cell phone providers.

The Marathon County Sheriff's Department is well aware of identity thieves.  We'll see what they're doing to track these criminals.

Full story Thursday night on Newsline 9 at 10.  

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