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First graders in Wisconsin Rapids help orphans in Peru


First graders in Wisconsin Rapids are building friendships around the world. Those students met some of their peers all the way in Peru. 

Kim Martin's first grade students got involved with helping two orphanages in Peru last year.
After Martin took a life-changing trip to the country. 

"We fell in love with the kids at Casa Hogar, one orphanage that we're going to be Skyping with today, and also another orphanage, which is the largest orphanage in South America," said Martin.

Seeing the Peruvian children made Martin want to sponsor an orphan herself. The young girl Martin chose to sponsor is named Daysi, she's 15-years-old, and lives in Peru. She formed a special bond with Martin's 8-year-old son two years ago.  Now, Martin plans to sponsor her all the way through college. 

"We were going to watch and see who our little guy connected with, and within a day our two we were like, Megan, we know who it is," said Martin.

Now, Martin shares her love for Daysi, and other orphans, with her students at Mead Elementary. Throughout the year the children have been gathering donations to give food and clothing to orphans in Peru. And, for one orphanage, a new water tower.

As a special treat, the children in Wisconsin and Peru got to see each other for the first time.

"It makes me feel like I'm not really wasting, I'm helping out," said Skerven, one of Martin's students.

Martin said it warms her heart to see her students give so much to strangers who have so little.

"I have never seen a group of kids who are so generous, and just abundantly giving and loving," said Martin.

She said she hopes that love will be felt in Peru for years to come. 

Leaders at Mead Elementary say they are still accepting donations for the Peruvian orphans. Those donations can be dropped off at the school.



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