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Company sets up web site for identity theft victims


As Steve Laszinski logs on, he is hoping for some answers.

Laszinski, a former Weather Shield employee discovered he was a victim of identity theft after watching our story on Newsline 9.

"The wife saw that, checked it out at work, came home and said we'd been hit," Laszinski explains.

Last year, Weather Shield announced personal information had been stolen from its employees and was being used to file false tax returns. Now, months later, the company has released a statement saying they now have a web site to help victims of identity theft.

But, victims like Laszinski aren't buying it.

"It's May. My God, April 15th, 17th this year is long gone. Why now? It's after the fact, it's too late," Laszinski said.

The web site offers tips for protecting personal information, and answers questions like, "How did this happen?" And, "How come Weather Shield hasn't sent information to former employees?"

"It says they didn't have addresses," Laszinski explains while looking the web site over.
"I could give you a handful of names of people with the same addresses."

Newsline 9 tried to contact Weather Shield but they referred us back to the statement.  The company maintains the information was not stolen from within.

In the statement, it says, "The Schield Family Brands is working directly with the Secret Service and IRS investigators to help prevent further acts of fraud and to determine where the loss of personal information may have occurred."

A company spokesperson says the investigation will continue. But for Laszinski, he says he wants answers he can't find on a web site.

"Supposedly someone is looking into it," he says. "But the communication back just isn't there."

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