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UPDATE: Bear burglar gets away with 50 lb. bag of sunflower seeds


Authorities said a 50-pound bag of sunflower seeds was stolen from a Lincoln County garage last week. And its owner may just have to grin and bear it.

"Came out one morning and there was busted glass outside," said Randy Murray, who lives in Lincoln County.

When Murray realized one of his garage windows was broken, he wasn't exactly sure how it happened. But after finding a few clues, he said he has a pretty good idea.

"Must have been a crack in one of the windows," said Murray. "Put his paw in and pulled everything out. Knocked everything down in the inside."

The alleged culprit? Well, he's got four legs.

"It was pretty obvious that it was a bear," said Lincoln County Sheriff's Department Deputy Mike Sundquist. "The claw marks were pretty obviously a bear. There appeared to be sharp indentations into the wooden window sill with long scratches behind them."

Authorities said bear sightings around our area are becoming more common. They said around this time of year -- right after hibernation -- bears' stomachs are growling.

"They're making their way into the cities and taking garbage and stuff," said Deputy Sundquist. "For the most part if you don't aggravate them or interfere when they have their cubs around, we don't have any problems."

After last week's burglary, Murray boarded up the windows. But the bear came back. 

"Found out there was no sunflower seeds to it decided to tear everything else apart," said Murray.

And Murray said the bear bandit may not have been working alone.

"I think it might have been cubs because we found nose prints on both sides of the busted glass," said Murray. "It might have been a female with a cub which I don't want to be around."

But with no real leads, it's unlikely Murray will ever find out who took his sunflower seeds. Which leaves him with one more question --

"How it dragged a 50 pound bag of sunflower seed out of its container over a table, through a window and not break it open, I have no idea," said Murray. "Still haven't found the bag."

Wild bears can be very dangerous. If you see one in your area, authorities say to leave it alone.

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