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People are split over $1.75 million construction project at CWA


Construction for two parking lots is underway at the Central Wisconsin Airport, and some people are split over the $1.75 million dollar project.

Crews were at CWA moving piles of dirt preparing for two parking lots, holding more than 700 new parking spots. Airport officials say they need the lots for the over-flow during peak times, like the holidays. Officials are also expecting an economic turnaround that may bring in more business.

"The economy does go into cycles. I think once this cycle is over and done with the naysayers will see that we're spending our money wisely," said Tony Yaron, CWA administrator.

Money for the two parking lots comes from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and CWA. The DOT pays for $1.4 million, and CWA pays for $350,000. Yaron said some of that money generated by CWA comes from anyone who buys an airplane ticket.  They are called passenger facility charges. But, some told Newsline 9 it's a waste of time, and money.

"I think that's crazy, I always come through here, and I never see a problem with parking. I've never had a problem with parking, I can't imagine that many more space that's just going to be empty," said Brian Adrian, a Michigan man who frequently flies to CWA.

But, Yaron said during peak times the airport lot is full, causing travelers to park their cars outside of designated parking spots.

"For people who think that, I would say try to come out and find a parking space, try to fly out of this airport at our peak times. They're not going to find one without some help," said Yaron.

Airport officials said the new parking lots should be complete by middle of July.

Yaron said they are also working on a separate $26 million construction project that would include two new terminals and renovation of the current parking lot.

Airport leaders are applying for FAA grants to cover 80 percent of the cost. Officials said CWA will pay the other 20 percent.

They hope to start working on CWA's west terminal by September 1st.



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