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Plover gas station advertises $0.37 gas, causes commotion


A mistake at a gas station in Plover caused a lot of commotion and left many customers unhappy.

According to Plover Police Sgt. Ryan Fox, the BP gas station at 2900 Village Park Drive mistakenly advertised its medium-grade gasoline as $0.37 at the pump. The sign visible from the road was correct.

Fox said the mistake happened sometime Monday afternoon. However, word spread through social media, and hundreds of cars soon lined up at the pump, Fox said.

Police were called in around 9:30 p.m. Fox said hundreds of cars were lined up waiting to fill up.

"We were just there to keep the peace," said Fox. He said several surrounding streets were blocked due to the high volume of cars.

In the end, the gas station manager shut down the pumps, Fox said.

"I was excited. I have a big Durango," said Plover resident Patricia Peckham. "So, I wanted to fill up, but I'm stuck at a quarter tank still. I had my hopes up."

Fellow Plover resident Adam Clussman also expressed his dismay. 

"I was very disappointed," Clussman said. "I was really hoping we could get in and get a couple of gas cans and fill them up, get some cheap gas."

Unhappy would-be customers were told to go home and to file any complaints with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection.

No one was hurt, Fox said, and customers cleared out without any problem.

"It was really something to see," said Fox.

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