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Buying stock in Facebook, good investment?


Facebook made its debut on Wall Street, going public, in the most talked about stock market debut in years.

"Our mission isn't to be a public company. Our mission is to make the world more open and connected," Creator Mark Zuckerberg said.

 It's one of the biggest initial public offerings ever, bringing the Internet sensation's value to a whopping $104 billion.

The country watched Friday morning as Zuckerberg rang the bell on Wall Street making the once privately owned company, open to the public.

But, is it a good investment? We asked the experts.  

"Facebook in the past has been very open, not a lot of advertising," Director of Business and Economics at UW- Stevens Point says. 

And he say's that's also the challenge. Facebook doesn't really sell anything, making some investors hesitant to jump in. 

"They're not quite sure how Facebook is going to generate money," Mullins said.

Just this week General Motors stopped buying ads on Facebook, saying they weren't effective. And some people thought the price of $38 a share was a little steep.

"It is incredibly over valued," Steve Wegleitner said.

But, others say the explosive company is a solid investment.

"I would buy one share because I don't have a lot of money to spend on it but it would be fun," Linda Hall said.

Facebook shot up about 13% at the start. But, then almost immediately came back down. But, experts say tomorrow, everything could change.

"Tomorrow it could be $100 a share. Tomorrow it could be $5 a share," Mullins said.

And Wegleitner says he will take his chances on waiting.

"I really think it will come down and that's when it will be the time to get in."

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