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UPDATE: Wisconsin Rapids wrestler takes plea deal


The final Wisconsin Rapids wrestler fighting criminal charges took a plea deal late Friday afternoon. Rylan Lubeck pleaded no contest to obstructing an officer.

Lubeck was originally charged with disorderly conduct last spring. Police said he and three other wrestlers danced around the locker room naked and tried to touch another wrestler inappropriately. 

Prosecuting attorney Craig Lambert initially offered Lubeck a plea deal in March. Lubeck and his attorney, Amy Boettcher, decided they wanted to go to trial instead. But changed their minds as they accepted a deal on Friday.

Lubeck's trial was originally scheduled to start on Monday. When the wrestler decided to go to trial, Boettcher told Newsline 9 she and her client looked forward to taking the case to trial. On Friday, they declined comment. 

On Friday afternoon in court, the judge told Lubeck to reflect on the experience -- and how it affected him, his family, the wrestling team and the community. 

Lambert said there are no winners in this case.

"None of us wanted Mr. Lubeck to be a convicted felon," said Lambert. "I think that this agreement is fair and reasonable and holds him accountable for what he's done and still provide some justice for the victim and his family while also being fair to Mr. Lubeck."

Lambert said he is proud of the alleged victim and his family for standing up for what they believed was right in this case. 

Lubeck will need to do 100 hours of community service. That's the same penalty the judge gave two of the other wrestlers. If Lubeck stays out of trouble for a year, the crime will be removed from his record.

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