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Marshfield time capsule opened after 50 years


A time capsule sealed more than 50 years ago was recently opened in our area, revealing pieces of the past.

It was a mystery, until now. When the Marshfield Fire Department moved into its new house in 1961, firefighters buried a time capsule.

Now, 50 years later, the current firefighters get to check out what's inside and learn about life back then.

Marshfield firefighters are getting a taste of what life was like 50 years ago.

"You find out what things change in 50 years. What our budget is this year is basically the whole city's budget at that time," Marshfield Deputy Fire Chief Ed Erickson said.

The headline of the day, "France and Bonn to give approval for Berlin talks,"—That was in an effort to unify the divided city of Berlin.

"It was actually really exciting to open it up. We had no idea what kind of condition it would be in with it being weathered, if the box leaked at all. Everything could have been ruined," Erickson said.

The annual budget report showed how different life was 50 years ago. It says in 1961 that the city's budget was for just more than 1 million—a far cry from the close to $40 million budget today.

"It was interesting. Probably the most exciting thing was not knowing what was going to be in there," Firefighter Dan Jonas said.

The old fire station is less than one block from where the new one stands. It was recently sold.

"With the sale of the building, we didn't know if we would get another chance to do that. We didn't know what was in it, it was going to be a surprise. We figured this was the time to take a look at it," Erickson said.

The capsule was sealed inside a brick in the wall in Oct. 1961. But the on-duty firefighters working now were very excited to check it all out.

"It was quite interesting. Of course some of the old pictures were very interesting of the firefighters that were on duty at that point in time," Jonas said.

Everything is on display for the public to check out at the fire station.

The deputy fire chief says there are no plans to bury another time capsule any time soon. 

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