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Heated debate between Seidel, Petrowski ahead of recall election

Candidates vying for the 29th State Senate District seat faced off in the race's only public debate Wednesday night.

Democrat Donna Seidel and Republican Jerry Petrowski were not afraid to call each other out on a variety of topics.

The dominant issue of the campaign so far: jobs.

"We are actually one of the 25 states that the unemployment numbers are dropping fast," Representative Petrowski argued.

Representative Seidel fired back saying, "Slice it and dice it in any way, Wisconsin is dead last in job creation."

Discussion at UW-Marathon County got heated when both candidates were asked about the issue that spurred the recall--collective bargaining.

At one point, Petrowski even turned to Seidel and asked her if she'd reverse the changes. Meantime, he said without the bill, the state would have been hurt.

"Now, without those concessions, there would have been huge layoffs," he said.

Seidel said if elected, she'd work to repeal Act 10. "Collective bargaining rights for public employees ought to be restored."

The candidates also argued over their recall strategies.

Newsline 9's Melissa Langbehn asked the candidates to discuss a recall ad that had been running. In it, Seidel accuses Jerry Petrowski of cutting funding for cancer screenings for women.

"Jerry and his republican allies thought that was way too much to spend," Seidel said, defending her ad.

But Petrowski defended his record.

"And the reality is that I voted for a $62,000 increase and a $38,000 increase," he said.

Both candidates said Wednesday night's debate was needed and both look forward to the final days of campaigning before June 5th.


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