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Kronenwetter dog saves 9-year-old owner's life


A Kronenwetter dog is being honored for saving his nine-year-old owner's life -- giving new meaning to man's best friend.

"When we first got him, he sleeped at my feet," said 9-year-old Hannah Fuszard. "And every night he comes into my bedroom and he lays down and protects me."

Umis joined the Fuszard family four years ago.

"He snuggled up next to Hannah and you could tell right then and there that was going to be Hannah's dog," said Hannah's sister, Alison Fuszard.

Just this spring, he changed their lives again.

"When he saved me, I was like, oh my gosh! He saved me! He's the greatest dog in America," said Hannah.

Hannah was out on this boat with her cousin when the wind started pushing them far away from shore.

"Put her life jacket back on, got in the water and grabbed the rope and thought she could swim to shore, because she's done that a few times," said Hannah's mother, Jackie Fuszard.

Her mom said Umis could tell Hannah was struggling. 

"It was scary because the wind was picking up and you really can't do a whole lot when you're on a lake and it's windy," said Jackie. 

"After five minutes, I was freezing and getting tired," said Hannah. "And then Umis jumped in the water and he went under and then he came up from under me and I was able to put the rope around him and he pulled us to shore. I think it's pretty awesome that he saved me and my cousin's life."

For more than a month, the memory of that day stuck with Hannah. Eager to share her story, she emailed a Kronenwetter police officer to tell him about her hero.

"He showed his chief of the police department and then Sunday we got this award and we got a picture," said Hannah.

An award well-deserved for a big part of their family and this little girl's best friend.

"He's like the love of my life and he's the center of my heart," said Hannah.

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