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Weather puts Park Rangers on high alert

With the threat of severe weather, Park Rangers are on high alert.

"All of our bulletin boards in the park are posted with what to do with severe weather," Council State Grounds Park Ranger Sara Benzing said.

And this campground in Merrill is no stranger to bad weather.

"I was outside when the tornado hit," Benzing recalled.

Last April a tornado ripped through Merrill, devastating Council Grounds State Park in its path.

"Luckily we had no campers, the park was closed," Benzing said.

But, a year later the memory is still fresh.

"You prepare a little more, you take it a little more seriously," Benzing said.

Obviously, its safest not to camp in severe weather. But, Park Rangers say those who do need to be prepared.

 "We're not staffed 24 hours so it is really important to bring that weather radio when you go camping. But, when we are staffed we will walk around warning people," Benzing explained.

Warning people like William and Terry Knoor, who have set up camp regardless of the weather.

"We looked at the weather map before we came," William Knoor said. "We got the radio on to the station that will alert us."

And if severe weather does strike, they say they'll be prepared.

"We'll take precautions if we need  to," Knoor said.

"We want our visitors to stay safe," Benzing added.

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