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Gov. Walker campaigns in Wausau after gubernatorial debate


Less than 24-hours after the first gubernatorial debate, Governor Scott Walker made a campaign stop in Wausau.

The Governor urged supporters to head to the polls on his behalf in the upcoming recall election. He also attacked his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's performance in the debate.

Walker claimed victory after the debate. He accused Barrett of dodging questions.

"When you have more of a dialog like we will have next Thursday night it will be more obvious that the Mayor is not answering questions," said Walker. "Because all he wants to do is attack me, and that's not a plan to move the state forward. That's really about a desperate campaign." 

But at the end of Friday's debate, Governor Walker turned down the opportunity to ask his opponent a question.

"Two years ago I choose not to ask the Mayor a question either," said Walker "I think the people want to hear us answer their questions not throw dirt at each other. So, I choose to pass on it, but the Mayor as expected continued to throw more dirt and mud at me."

Walker's challenger, Tom Barrett also claimed victory after the debate.

The Milwaukee Mayor did not make any public campaign stops on Saturday. But in the debate he accused Gov. Walker of dividing the state.

"(Walker) decided to use a budget crisis to try to divide and conquer this state," said Barrett.

Friday's debate was the first of two debates ahead of the recall election on June 5th. The second is scheduled for Thursday. You can watch it live on TV-9 at 9 p.m.

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