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Will the recall election help end Wisconsin's political battles?


Today's recall election is the culmination of a political battle that's been going on for more than a year.

The question is, will this election do anything to end it?

The movement to boot Gov. Scott Walker started early last year when he outraged union members with his proposal to strip most collective bargaining rights from most public workers. Walker said it was necessary to balance the budget.

But Democrats called it an attack on working families. They gathered hundreds of thousands of signatures from across the state to force a recall election.

During the past few months the race between Walker and his democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, has been intense. It's been marked by nasty television ads and sharp exchanges. The fight has also drawn big money. Spending has topped more than $60 million.

Some big political names have also visited the state to campaign, including Bill Clinton and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Both Walker and Barrett have persisted in attacking each other, despite lamenting the ugly tone of the recall race. And no matter how things turn out tonight, it's unclear how much this election will help Wisconsin's heated political climate cool down.

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