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Wisconsin Recall: Was it worth it?


The entire cost of the recall election was more than 70 million dollars. That includes running the election, money from outside groups, and spending on ads.  That's a lot of money, but in the end very little changed.

After a year and a half of political turmoil, recall signatures, and attack ads, Governor Scott Walker still sits in office.

"The election is over, the recall is over, we can continue to do the job we were doing before," said Bruce Trueblood, Marathon Co. Republican Party Chair. "What have we really solved? What have we really accomplished?"

"I think it was a worthwhile endeavor," said Jeff Johnson, Marathon Co. Democratic Party Chair. "I really do."

Recall supporters say they sent a message.

"I believe it was worth it," said Ashley Nigl. "I honestly believe we put the governor on notice that he may be able to buy a seat in office, but will he honestly buy the love of the people of Wisconsin."

But others say the time and money wasn't worth it.

"How much of this energy, this money, this time, would have been better spent addressing the real issues we are facing in this state," said Trueblood.

It's been an exhausting political fight.But now, both sides say it's time to move on.

"I think people need to recover, regroup, and work together to get things done," said Johnson.

"A lot of it is going to depend on are both sides willing to work together," said Trueblood. "Are we going to be able to set this recall aside and move forward."

A state election official tells Newsline 9, more definite numbers on the cost of the election will be available in a few weeks.            


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