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Wisconsin's recall could impact presidential campaign tactics

Governor Scott Walker's win has dominated the headlines in Wisconsin and across the nation, but what effect could this historic election have on presidential politics in November?

Some political experts say it will have an impact on the presidential race, but political science professor Don Hermanson told Newsline 9, not so fast.

"A lot of what happened in this recall is based on a Wisconsin flavor."

But he does argue that Wisconsin's recall could change presidential campaign tactics, saying "I think the ground game in Wisconsin is going to be different than it might have been otherwise."

The Obama campaign's Wisconsin director said it will build on the progress made during the recall. In a statement, Tripp Wellde said, "The power of Wisconsin's progressive, grassroots tradition was clearly on display throughout the run up to this election and we will continue to work together to ensure a brighter future for Wisconsin's middle class."

In a phone interview with ABC News, Mitt Romney discussed the historic election and stood by Walker's approach. 

"I think you're going find that in the decision that's being made in November, and if I become president, I will inaugurate, once again, a commitment to free enterprise and to free people choosing to pursue their path in life, and that means I'm going to get government as small as it can be," Romney said.

And Governor Walker himself even weighed in on the issue.

"Voters in this state want to clearly define what they would do to tackle the tough issues that face us not only here in Wisconsin but there are obviously many tougher issues facing us in our nation's capitol," Walker said.

Hermanson said it's too early to tell how much influence Wisconsin's recall will have.

"I think the spin that's going to come from the recall will come from what wins are put on it from the candidates," Hermanson said.

But he expects the last 16 months of political turmoil will have an impact.


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