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Dems: "Brat summit is a step in right direction"

Governor Walker says now that he's survived the recall election, he's determined to govern in a new way. His first step? To invite all 132 legislators to a cookout featuring Wisconsin's most famous food and drink.

On the night of his election win, Walker stressed the need for the two political parties to work together.

 "It doesn't matter what's been said in the past it's what you do in the future and I'm committed to working together," Gov. Walker said at a stop in Schofield.

One week after surviving the recall election the Governor says beer and brats is a way to do that.

"It's not that we have to make any laws right away we can just start the foundation," Walker said.

State lawmakers from both sides of the aisle will attend the brat summit at the Governor's mansion on Tuesday. Despite previous political turmoil, many democratic lawmakers, like State Sen. Jim Holperin say they will attend.

"I assume the get together will be cordial, even friendly. To start to work together again is what the state needs," State Sen. Holperin.

State Senator Julie Lassa agrees. But, says the governor needs to do more than offer beer and brats to show he is committed to working together.

"His actions over the next few months will speak louder than his words," Sen Lassa said.

During his stop in Schofield, the governor recognized there's still tension. But, all can agree beer and brats is a step in the right direction.

"It will be productive, Sen. Holperin said.

"It's our responsibility to move on," the governor agreed.

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