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Judge issues "official" order for court personnel


A Lincoln County judge ordered some local agencies to appear in court today, but it wasn't for trial.

For the last 13 years, Judge Glenn Hartley has sat on the bench. But Friday, he did that for the last time.

"It was a great time, you learned a lot, but life goes on and you'll do something else," Hartley said.

But not before having some fun. In an "official" court document, the judge ordered several court officials, police and sheriff's officers to the courtroom.

But it wasn't to testify, it was for his retirement party.

The judge ordered his well-wishers to appear for food, drinks and conversation.

"He was a very funny guy. He was serious on the stand but you always had time for humor between cases," Lt. Grant Peterson with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department said.

But not everyone obeyed the order. Judge Hartley's court officer couldn't make it. But he sure came up with plenty of excuses.

"He gave all the reasons we've all heard in here—like the dog was sick, the car broke down, my ride didn't show up," Hartley said.

As for retirement, Hartley says it's simply time to move on.

"I'll do some fishing, ride my motorcycle. I will probably eventually do a few more things in the legal area, I just don't know what yet," Hartley said.

"He's dedicated his life, not only to the community, but also to law in general," Hartley's son Grant said.

Over the years, Judge Hartley says not everyone has been his biggest fan, but that's part of the job.

"People understand when they come in that they're going to get a sentence or punishment," Hartley said.

"Great dad, great lawyer, great judge," Grant Hartley said.

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