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Hot, humid weather poses risks


The hot, humid weather made it the perfect day to take out the boat or dive into a pool, but emergency officials say the warm temperatures also pose some risks.

Fisherman Josh Nickodem couldn't wait to leave the dock and cast a line on Saturday.

"Nothing like having that adrenaline rush when a big one will hit your lure," he said.

But he added that boaters need to be careful when making waves on central Wisconsin lakes and rivers. "The best tip for anybody is to have a map of the lake because then you can find where the deep water is where you're not going to run into a stump or a log."

Wausau Fire Dept. Lt. Steve Bahr agreed. "Sometimes a little bit of reckless boating. Not paying attention to what is our there, not being aware of the conditions they're boating in especially here on the Wisconsin River, Lake Wausau. There's a lot of submerged objects--rocks, logs things like that."

Last year, 23 people died on Wisconsin waterways and area emergency officials said it's important to be prepared before pushing off.

"Know your limitations. If you start to feel exhausted, if you start to feel, you know, a little bit out of the weather, out of sorts, stop what you're doing," Bahr said.

At the pool, lifeguards have a few suggestions to keep in mind while you cool off.

"Keeping your kids with you and watching them. Making sure that they're not going somewhere where they can't swim," Kacie Gibbs said.

That way, you can soak up some rays, while staying safe. And out on the lake, you might even get a bite.

"Or a big one will follow up and just gets your heart pumping. That's the best part," said Nickodem.

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