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Heat Awareness Day


It is Heat Awareness Day. A time set aside by the National Weather Service and Emergency Government officials to create awareness about the dangers of hot summer weather.

The heat can be especially dangerous for children, the elderly and disabled and your pets.

Newsline 9 talked with Michelle Campbell of Kids Safe USA at Wausau's Aspirus Hospital. She says many people don't consider Wisconsin to be a "warm weather state." That can lead to dangers. If small children are forgotten or left in a car the danger arrives quickly. "Even with the window cracked open a car gets hot really quickly. The temperature in the car can rise 30 degrees above the outside temperature within minutes. And children have a much more difficult time with the heat than adults."

Kids Safe is holding a demonstration tomorrow at Jefferson Elementary School in Wausau  to demonstrate just how quickly a car warms up.

For more information on car safety for kids check out this link: www.safekids.org/heatstroke or


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