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Celebrating the red, white and blue on Flag Day


Thursday was Flag Day. People gathered in Wausau to commemorate the stars and stripes at a special ceremony.

"It's kind of like Memorial Day," said Wesley Johnson, from Boy Scout Troop 439. "You're presenting flags to honor the troops."

June 14th was first established as Flag Day almost a hundred years ago.

"It means to be patriotic and love your country and want to do stuff to help out and kind of know what's going on and try to make our whole world a little better," said Robby Johnson, from Boy Scout Troop 439.

"I'm proud to be an American just because of the freedom that we have," said Wesley.

In Wausau, a group of boy scouts showcased the colors for a ceremony at the Elk's Lodge.

"We just kind of learn about what each flag stands for and what each of them mean," said Wesley.

"So much of what is the traditions of the country are being lost and we'd like to keep as much of this information available to the public as possible," said Chuck Berens, one of the leaders at the Elks Lodge.

The Elks have put on presentations like Thursday's for more than a century.

"Getting involved in scouting is kind of a natural progression of giving back to your community," said Berens. "A number of our members are past scouts, boy scouts and girl scouts, and it's something that helps build that recognition of what the country is all about."

During the ceremony, the group reflected on the past and the lessons passed down from those who have gone before.

"Going through our whole nation's history, with why the flags went up and stuff like that and why we had to keep moving on and making new flags and what they mean for our country," said Robby.

And now this generation of boy scouts looks to the future -- proudly bearing the red, white and blue.

There have been more than 20 official versions of the American flag. The one we wave today has been around since 1960, after Hawaii joined the union as the 50th state.

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