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UPDATE: Witnesses share details of armed robbery


Around 8:15 Friday morning, Brady Wasserburger didn't get the wake-up call he was expecting.

"I heard a knock on my door, opened it up and there was a police officer standing there and he said I needed to evacuate the premises," Wasserburger explained. "The thing that astounded me the most was, I got about 10 feet out, looked back and there's a man sitting with a 308 gun on the roof and that's when you realize, okay what's going on."

Police say a 31-year old Marshfield man robbed a Walgreens on Central Avenue. They say the man stole prescription drugs and a small amount of money. When officers confronted him, they say he took off and locked himself in an auto sales store down the street.

"The owner told us the individual was in the back office and everybody from the business had been evacuated," Lieutenant Rick Gramza said.

For safety, authorities also evacuated other nearby businesses and homes.

"Anytime you have an individual acting desperately and is armed the greater good is to protect all those around," Lt. Gramza said.

Protect people like Brad Burt, a mechanic at American Auto Sales and Service.

"I was working and some guy came in and ran through the back of the car wash and came in through the front lobby and went into the office," Burt recalled. "He said to my boss, hey can you hide me?"

But, authorities had already surrounded the building. After about an hour, the man turned himself in.

"He did not fire the weapon that I know of and no one was injured," Lt. Gramza said.

Police say the man is currently in the hospital. Investigators say he swallowed some of the pills and is being treated. So far, no charges have been filed.

But for Wasserburger, it's something he won't ever forget.

"It's something that doesn't happen everyday," he said. 

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